With so many Kenwood radios, what types of connectors and earpieces work on these sets?

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The best types are the 2-pin connector and the multi-pin connector. The two pin model features two connector pins and the multi-pin model features multiple pins. Any difference in performance is a matter of customer discretion.

The 2-pin connector’s earpiece features an in-line PTT (push-to-talk) button and a built-in microphone. It also has a surveillance audio tube and comes complete with a clothing clip. This Kenwood earpiece (assimuma.blogspot.co.uk) is available for just over £22 (including shipping and handling fees).

The multi-pin connected earpiece is a different type of connector entirely. However, the earpiece is the same, as it also features an in-line PTT button, a built-in microphone, surveillance tube and clothing clip. The cost is the same as the 2-pin version.

Both types of Kenwood earpiece can be upgraded by paying extra money and can include features like a ‘swivel’ earloop, for increased ease of use and comfort, a noise-reduction feature and a steel clothing clip (replacing the plastic version).

The types of connectors compatible with Kenwood two-way radios are limited when compared with some other manufacturers, but Kenwood know when to specialize in a certain area, because sometimes less is more.

Kenwood radios may only connect via two types of connector, but their equipment is among the best in the world. A Kenwood radio customer does not have to spend undue time searching his/her choices and researching them before purchase, provided the connector/earpiece falls into one of the two aforementioned categories, then the equipment will work fine.

Kenwood have been producing quality products since 1946 and they have a long history of trust, customer loyalty and cutting edge equipment. Because of this, Kenwood earpieces are well known and usually sell well on the international market.

5 Reasons Radius Earbuds are Perfect Earphones for Running

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earpieceHave you been searching for earphones for running or exercising, but have a hard time keeping them in your ears?
Or do you have small years and can’t find a pair that doesn’t hurt after a few songs? Many athletic music lovers who have experienced such issues are finding that they have found their match when they give Radius earbuds a try.
In an effort to showcase the value of Radius earphones for running and earphones for exercising, the following five points may help:

· Snug Fit. Radius running earbuds are ultra-soft and fit snuggly within the ear canal. No matter what activity one is participating in, they rarely budge. Additionally, each pair comes with two different sizes of earbuds, which accommodates those with small ears.
No longer does a person with small ears have to settle for bulky headphones that can be quite clunky while at the gym or on the road.
· Crystal Clear Sound. It is quite amazing as to how powerful, yet balanced the sound of radius exercising earbuds Because it is exceptional, it’s quite common for exercisers to become inspired while taking a jog on the beach, lifting weights in the gym, or riding a bike for miles.

· Top Quality Materials. Radius Earphones for exercising are always made with top grade materials that lead to extended use, ultimate comfort, and product durability. Unlike cheap earphones for exercising that fall apart within a few months, Radius earphones can last for years to come.

· Right Price Point and Guarantee.Radius earbuds for exercising retail for only $39.00 and are provided a full guarantee for an entire year. If for some strange reason the earphones fail or break (unless they have been mistreated or intentionally damaged), Radius will replace the pair for free within 24-48 hours.

Versatility. Radius earbuds are perfect for nearly any activity under the sun. Beyond amazing sound and bass capabilities, they include useful features such as a built-in mic to make both exercising and/or driving doable while talking on the phone.
When searching for the perfect pair of earphones for running, earphones for exercising, it is important that you seek a pair that has been noted as exceptional in both comfort and quality categories. Also, it is important that you understand how the shape and size of your ears may affect how you experience earbuds and earphones.

No matter what type of activities and exercises you enjoy, a comfortable pair of Radius earbuds can make all the difference in the world.