Why are beats headset some of the best on the market?

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In today’s market, celebrity counts for a lot.

In this world of Twitter feeds, Google trends and reality TV, name value can make or break a new product. The name of a brand is important and, accordingly, terms like ‘brand awareness’ and ‘brand identity’ have migrated from the meeting rooms of corporate America and into our daily lives.

The next level, then, is celebrity endorsement. An old-as-the-hills concept that has been picked up, dusted off and given a brand new sheen, the 21st century’s take on celebrity endorsement functions mainly as an amalgamation of two pre-existing brands; in this case, the celebrity’s name (and any values associated with it) and the product manufacturer’s name and brand.

Using this method, Beats were able to transition from what would have been ‘just another consumer electronics outfit’ to a company now closely linked with Hip Hop culture, fashion and music. Before Beats hooked up with superstar rapper ‘Dr. Dre’, consumers had to customize their own music systems to the tune of their preferred type of music. In fact, this writer vividly remembers sticking a ‘DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE’ sign on the back of an iPod, in order to indicate a love of heavy-duty rock n roll.

Yeah, that worked.

Kids these days go to great lengths to advertise their favourite brands. They buy the tour T-shirts, the hoodies and the limited edition sneakers but, no matter how solidly their fledgling sense of identity may be rooted in the process of consumption, the music itself is still being played through bland, nondescript speaker units. These are speakers that might be used by any other customer for anything from Mozart to Motorhead. Latterly, brands like SkullCandy and Beats have emerged with specific genres of music in mind, and these devices are branded, brazen and instantly recognizable on the streets.

Now, ‘Beats by Dr. Dre’ may be expensive headphones, but they are the only product of their type out there at the moment. Dr. Dre himself has personally approved the design and the specifications are, according to him, the best way to listen to Hip Hop music (his own in particular). The headphones have already proven to be massive sales successes, (despite the price tag) and this is due, almost entirely, to the expert marketing employed by Beats (and the good doctor himself, of course).

So, these are the high-fashion headphones to have, the ultimate accessory for an upcoming rapper with paper to burn. These are as essential a product as the albums they’re designed for listening to.

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In a few short years, mobile phones have become ubiquitous, and like many new technologies, it carries unknown health risks. Inconclusive evidence shows that heavy mobile phone use may put people at risk for brain cancer. This seems to be a result of the large amount of radiation generated by mobile phones and absorbed by the body.

While completely severing dependence on a mobile phone would be difficult, it’s possible to reduce radiation exposure. One such way is with an earpiece, which effectively allows a barrier between you and your phone. If you’re interested in cutting your cell phone radiation exposure, there are three main types of earpieces you should consider.


A ferrite bead is a little clip that you attach to a wired earpiece’s wire. Its sole purpose is to absorb the wire’s radiation, and it works. A study at the Unversity of York in England showed that when a ferrite bead is in use, it’s impossible to measure any radiation coming from the wire. Note, though, that only the wire’s radiation is reduced. The phone continues to radiate electromagnetic energy, so hold the phone away from your body while using a wired headset, and never wear your phone.


Bluetooth is a proprietary wireless technology for sending and receiving data. A Bluetooth earpiece uses this technology to communicate with your mobile phone, while keeping your hands free and radiation away from your body. While a Bluetooth earpiece does emit radiation, it’s between 100 to 200 times less than what comes from your phone, depending on whom you ask. Those two zeros may make a big difference for cancer risk. However, while the radiation is much less than your phone’s, it still pays to be safe, so don’t wear it when you’re not talking on your phone, and switch ears from time to time.


Remember when you were a child and would use a garden hose as a telephone? You could actually hold a conversation, because the air inside the hose could carry voices, and the hose channeled the vibrations. The same principle applies to tube-based mobile phone earpieces. A small tube runs between the earpiece and your phone, carrying sound by acoustical methods alone, for zero electromagnetic radiation. It’s the safest kind of earpiece.

While any of these technologies will drastically reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation, remember that the culprit is not the earpiece, but the phone itself. An earpiece just creates distance between your phone and your head. Therefore, store your phone away from you whenever possible, and ultimately, try to reduce your mobile phone use.

Noise Cancelling Headset With Mic

For years people have been telling me that relations, love and happiness are the most important things in life…Now I realise that I can take or leave all that so long as We have this radio earpiece in the world.

Although I am a music performer, my contact with headset mics in actual fact commenced with my passion as a game player.
The headset microphone, in reality, is not really in general utilised in rock ‘n roll music performance. A lot of people don’t seriously believe in them. To start with, they just don’t appear that cool to many men and women. Second of all, everyone is familiar with hefty, substantive microphones.

A lot of people don’t believe that a tiny microphone like that is going to do anything.

However, when I got a new modest gamer microphone head set, I was genuinely impressed with the quality of the sound. That modest headset mike had a loads of clarity, and even though it really didn’t have enough physical structure to function as a vocal microphone for any professional music performer, it forced me to be curious about higher-quality headsets.

I traveled to an area music retail store and used quite a few headset mics. I was seriously blown away. What really snagged my interest were the noise reducing headphones. I made the decision to go for broke and buy a cordless microphone that I could use for performing.

Because of this, I could move all over as well as sing on stage without being concerned regarding tangling wires as well as the loss of the audio.
I was a bit apprehensive that I could have challenges attempting to keep the wireless headset mike positioned, but I need not have been. The whole thing ended up great. Headset mics are normally pretty well fashioned ergonomically. Should you have a chance to try one on before you decide upon it, remember to boogie around a little bit.
Get animated. If they fit you properly, they ought to remain practically fully in place. Mine provided excellent sound quality throughout my whole show.

I had no problem in any way with it slipping, and got some of the best vocal miking I had ever experienced. And I needn’t have stressed about that head set microphone looking funny there. It was actually hardly observable. While a noise cancelling headset isn’t the most suitable option pertaining to shows, I adore my set when I am simply travelling or chilling.

One determination about bluetooth headset mics that I had not considered was whether or not to acquire one with earphones or not. I figured that I didn’t really need headphones to perform songs and, from a technical perspective, I actually did not. I got none. Nevertheless, when I picked up another head set microphone, I was totally surprised by the options.

Instead of using a monitor, I could listen to everything directly in the headphones. Not merely did this lower the amount of gear I needed to have with me, but it allowed me to get a sharper image of what our show sounded like. Plus it was much less expensive!

A few sets of nice earphones are cheaper when compared to a few monitors for the group.