Sony Ericsson W8 – Not Your Ordinary Walkman Phone

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It has been a longtime tradition for handheld mobile device to allow us to enjoy more from our music.

By giving us the ability to store our tracks on our phone’s memory, you could listen to your music on the go. This means that you no longer have to rely on mp3 players to listen to music. All you had to do was plug in headsets to your mobile phone and listen to tracks.
With the Sony Ericsson W8, you get to enjoy more from your music and more.

First of all, when it comes storing your tracks, the phone comes with 1528 MB of onboard memory. This might not be enough to store your multi-media. However, you can make use of as much as 16 GB from a micro-SD card. This provides more than enough storage for files such as your tracks.

One of the unique features found on this handset is PlayNow. This download portal allows you to get more from your favorite artists or artists that you are yet to discover. Here, you can choose to purchase songs from a wide variety of albums and artists.

When listening on the go comes to mind, you never have to plug in perky headsets with wires. Users on the Sony Ericsson W8 will get to enjoy wireless headsets via Bluetooth. This means that you can keep the Walkman Phone in your pocket and enjoy more from wireless freedom.

The smartphone does not just allow you to choose from your playlist by going through song titles. It allows you to browse through music by viewing CD album art. This is a more entertaining way to choose the songs you would like to listen to.

The Walkman Phone allows you to enjoy more from its patented Walkman player. This unique player on the Sony Ericsson W8 allows you to sort by artist, track, or album. With these options, users are given more convenient options when it comes to sorting through their music.

Another unique feature on this smartphone is TrackID music recognition. This feature allows you to record a few seconds of a track. You then upload it to the feature. In a matter of seconds, you will get the name of the track, the album where it is found, and other helpful information.

You even get the option to purchase the song if it is available.
As you can see, music on the Sony Ericsson W8 is taken to a whole new level. It may not be as cutting edge as the SE XPERIA Play. However, it allows you to enjoy from your songs and more.

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