Labrinth shows his soft side as he uses kissing sounds for his new song

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earpieceLabrinth’s new song will feature chat-up lines and people kissing it has been revealed.

The Earthquake singer is currently in the process of creating a new track made up of sounds submitted by members of the British public.
Project Noise – his collaboration with audio manufacturer Sennheiser – is an idea as intriguing as it is strange, but the UK pop star is hoping to make an innovative track using the nation’s every day noise.
He said: “We asked the nation to send in every day sounds for Project Noise so I could create some sick new sounds with them.

“The responses have been crazy! I’m getting ready to use them to create a very unique track. Are you ready?!”
His choice of sounds range from cooking sausages and screaming to flushing toilets and ‘sounds of the underground’.
Dr Lauren Stewart – reader and co-director of the MSc in Music, Mind and Brain at Goldsmith’s University – has been heavily involved in the project.
She has been analysing the sounds uploaded for the campaign and thinks it will push Labrinth to the limit because people usually listen to music to block out the typically mundane sounds of the outside world.

She said: “This project will turn that on its head, as Labrinth makes these noises into something that people will invite in rather than block out, accepting it into their personalised sound zone.
“The public has definitely tried to challenge him and I’ve no doubt his production skills will be pushed to their limits. What is he going to do with these sounds? Will he try to create a narrative, piecing these random sounds together?
“And how will he deal with the fact that none of these sounds has anything like a beat?

“With a complete lack of narrative connecting these random noises, he will need to build his own whilst simultaneously adding a temporal dimension and layering sounds with timbres that are often curious but unsettling. It could be the next big thing…”
It definitely sounds like an actual artistic statement – something Lady Gaga has been constantly talking about in relation to her upcoming new album.


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