Jeopardy, Nursing Students, and Bad Drivers.

Some of the pro writers on the net are at a really top level that i wonder if any of them have ever written a book? so now and then i like to highlight these outstanding articles and here is one i found remarkable the other day.

Its location is about three inches from the steering wheel.
It indicates that your vehicle is going to change direction:
What is… a turning signal?
They are bright red lights, which illuminate from the back of a vehicle, they indicate you should make your own red lights illuminate from the back of your own vehicle:
What are… brake lights?
The only species (and yes, it is actually its own species) known to man, which is actually smarter than a rocket scientist:

What is… a nursing student?
One of my worst pet peeves, and I mean it’s right up there with leaving hair in the drain, is a person who is completely convinced they know everything. Part of my reason for hating people like this, is that it makes it very difficult to be this way, myself, around these people.
I admit, I really do know just about everything – but I mostly argue about opinion… I argue about facts, when I really know it’s a fact.

I happen to live with someone who “knows everything” way more than I’ve ever known everything. A few nights ago, after a terrible ride in the car with her (although, I only almost died twice that time), I was very content to settle into our cozy living room, to watch a little television.
The air had been pretty thick between us for several days, mostly because I really do everything, and when people come around she whines about me, insinuating that she does all the work. I have no need to argue, because the people she says it to, are people who are usually around while I’m doing all the housework.

Well, not only does she get to “do all the housework,” but she apparently also gets control over the remote. And that’s how I ended up watching Jeopardy.
In the beginning, it wasn’t so bad – I knew a few of the first answers, which I can’t prove because I didn’t even say the answers out loud. But, one thing I do know, is that she didn’t know any of them. How do I know? She answered each individual question, aloud, and somehow never flinched when each individual answer was completely incorrect – Not even close!

I’m convinced that she is actually convinced Jeopardy was wrong!
It was like she had tourette’s syndrome. The things she shouted were in no way related to any of the questions, even if she were shouting them at random. I believe her answer to one of the questions was something to the effect of, “Supraventricular Tachycardia,” and the actual answer was Porter Wagner – the category was something about country music.
On another, she answered, “Latex,” the actual answer and category: carborator/Grease Lightning. My favorite, the one that almost made me fall out of my chair, was when she shouted, “Endoscopy,” her answer to a question that came from the category, Movies from the 1980’s – the correct answer was Casualties of War.

I have only one guess as to how a person might develop the type of mentality that could be so unaffected by their own dumbness, to continue spewing incorrect answers at an unforgiving television set – IN THE PRESENCE OF ANOTHER! It might have something to do with nursing school.

The proper equipment for watching Jeopardy with a nursing student:
What are… a helmet for her and a seatbelt for me?