How To Improve Your Activism and Community With Two Way Radios

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Why do government agents use two way radios? Because they work! One of the most useful tools I’ve ever purchased, is my handheld two way radio. I had first bought a couple of them when I was living in New York and was going kind of crazy with the whole prepper thing. I quickly realized they were basically useless because I didn’t know anybody else with a two way radio.

That all changed when I got to Keene, New Hampshire, and saw how powerful these devices could be. They were mostly using marine band VHF radios at the time, and I realized I could tune my VHF radio into those frequencies. The libertarian community there uses these radios regularly, along with a group text messaging system they call “Keene 411?. The ability to instantly communicate with other activists proved to be very useful, and built a sense of community and comradery that I have yet to see elsewhere.

They have become so effective at “Robin Hooding” that parking enforcers actually run away from them. They use the radios to track down the parking enforcers, and alert other activists to their location, so they can put coins in parking meters before the meter maid can write a ticket. Additionally, if someone is pulled over, or otherwise harassed by government agents (or anyone else for that matter) you can simply radio for help, and activists will show up with cameras.

At its most basic level, this is so easy to replicate, it’s a wonder more people haven’t already done it. Just buy a radio for yourself, and encourage a neighbor to do the same, agree on a frequency/channel, and talk. The most difficult part is getting people to buy the radios and monitor them on a regular basis. Once they are in regular use however, once people see their friends using the radios, everybody is going to want one, and they will become a regular part of your daily life.

The question everybody jumps to, is range. “How far can these radios communicate?”. There’s no easy answer to that question. It depends on frequency, transmit power, interference, topography, antenna type, antenna height, construction, trees, the curvature of the earth, weather, and more variables than I care to list. There’s a website that can help you estimate the potential distance of your transmission, called CloudRF. They also make a very useful android app called RFSignal, which I have purchased. This is more for repeaters and towers though, we’ll talk about repeaters later.

If you go to Target/Best Buy/Walmart and buy a walkie talkie, it’s probably a 22 channel GMRS/FRS radio. This stands for General Mobile Radio Service and Family Radio service, respectively. They will tell you that the radios have a maximum distance of 2 to 50 miles, and that’s almost complete nonsense. Unless you have line of sight, as in, no obstacles between you and the person you’re communicating with, these radios will not communicate very far at all. I’ve tried to use them on job sites, and been unable to communicate with coworkers inside the same building.

FRS legally requires no license, is limited to 500 miliwatts, and must have a fixed antenna.

GMRS legally requires an FCC license, which you can purchase for $85, but there is next to zero enforcement on this, and the FCC has proposed to remove the licensing requirement. With an FCC license, you can legally transmit on these frequencies at up to 50 watts, and use pretty much any antenna you like, so long as the antenna is not more than 20 feet above the ground, or above the tree to which the antenna is mounted.

This just in… As I was writing this article, and browsing the FCC website for regulatory information, they shut down the website, because of the government shutdown. Now, they haven’t actually gone dark, they just put this silly message on their site. “We regret the disruption, but during the Federal Government-wide shutdown, the FCC is limited to performing duties that are immediately necessary for the safety of life or the protection of property. FCC online systems will not be available until further notice.”

The funny thing is, for that message to display, they have to keep their servers up and running, which is what incurs the expense. They just made their content unavailable, I guess to “punish” us for not going along with their incessant demands for greater and greater funding. How childish… Good thing I have absolutely no intention of complying with any FCC regulations, shutdown or no shutdown.

In any case, the radios that you buy in retail stores, while they are capable of communicating on GMRS frequencies, do so under FRS standards. They are half watt radios with fixed antennas, even if you buy a “high power” radio, they usually only transmit at one watt. The upside to these devices is, they are widely available, many people already have them. The downside is, they don’t communicate very far, and some of them can be very expensive.

The other type of hand held radio you can buy in some stores is a marine band radio. These are usually 5 watt radios, and will communicate much further than the FRS/GMRS radios. The downside is, these are illegal to use on land, and very few people have them. You also might run into a lot of interference if you live near the water, as I do when I’m in New York, and these radios don’t use privacy codes. You can also buy a more high power marine band radio for your home or vehicle, but these will often cost upwards of $200, and transmit at 25 watts.

The ultimate answer, for handhelds, is to buy an open dual band hand held two way radio. I have two of these, a Baofeng UV5R, and a Puxing PX-888k.

These radios transmit at 5 watts on the VHF frequencies, and 4 watts on UHF. You can tune them into the GMRS frequencies, or marine band frequencies. They can use privacy codes to eliminate interference from other radios in the area. They can also use repeaters, which the retail radios cannot.

I prefer the Puxing to the Baofeng, it has some extra features like voice scrambler, the belt clip is also more sturdy, and the newer ones can act as a cross band repeater. The Baofeng however, is a lot cheaper, about half the price.

Either one will suit your purposes just fine. Yes, these are affiliate links, I get paid if you buy them from here. But that’s not my motivation for displaying them, I really want more people using these radios. The more of us who have them, the more useful they are.

Once you have the radios, you can manually tune to the frequency you want to use, or you can program in channels. To program channels using a computer you will need a special programming cable, and programming software. The software is free. You can download the Puxing programming software here (Just find your model number). You can download the Baofeng programming software here. Below you will find a link to the programming cable, unless you’re using an ad blocking plugin for your browser, in which case, buzz off. This cable will work for both of these radios, and many others as well.

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Best Earpieces For Phones: Utility Meets Comfort And Sleek Design

earpieceThanks for reading my website, here is an article i actually loved reading. With their agreement i can repost it. I write lots of my own posts, but sporadically repost other content i think are remarkable, thanks for reading.

Have you ever been trying to talk on your phone while doing something with your hands at the same time? It can be very frustrating, and if you are doing an activity like driving, it can be very dangerous. There are many new lines of the best earpieces for phones out on the market right now, and many people are enjoying the added freedom and safety they provide.
Most of the best earpieces for phones that are available right now are small speakers that are placed in the ear, or that you hook over the ear with a special attachment. These are called atria earpieces. There is also another choice for those interested in these earpieces called intra-atrial. These are earpieces that have the distinction of having the transducers flow directly into the ear canal when placed in the ear. They have some rubber or foam to better isolate the ear to improve the sound and to drown out any interfering noises. People who listen to music or who frequently take important calls on the go find these earpieces very appealing and you will find many of them wearing them. Outside noise can sometimes over-power the sound flowing through traditional earpieces, so users tend to increase the volume to be able hear their call or music which can lead to ear damage. Intr-atrial earpieces can help eliminate this risk.

On many phones, you can opt for wireless earpieces with a microphone which provides an ideal pairing for the best earpieces for phones. The microphone usually sits along the jawbone so that you voice can easily be hear when you are using it. This is a popular choice right now since the sound quality is so much clearer with pieces like these.
Before choosing your earpieces, compare prices and specifications. There are thousands of references for a wide range of mobile phone accessories. Reviews, buying guides and price comparisons will help you find the item that fits your needs perfectly. Narrow your search by entering or why not the type of product? Follow the advice of experts and product specialists.
Your mobile phone is your ticket to having everything at your fingertips. With the right phone and wireless earpieces, you’re finally ready to call hands-free anywhere, anytime, conveniently. Having these earpieces will allow you to use your favorite mobile device safely, since you will be able to have your hands free. With many styles available right now, you are sure to find the ones that work for you.

Plantronics Headphones Provide Simple Style, Better Communications And Stronger Connections

headphonesWhat will you do if i said I have found a earpiece article that is not only fascinating but informative as well? I knew you wouldn’t believe me, so here it is the enlightening, superb and appealing editorial

Probably the most reputable brands in terms of audio communications systems is Plantronics. Viewed as an innovator on the headphone business, Plantronics is famous for their products which offer cutting edge functions and optimum advantages with no steep prices. The leaders of the product established the company because they desired to create the ultimate headphone for air travel and aviation. This commitment for technological developments is still highly observed in the most current styles of Plantronics headsets. You might have seen or used the subsequent devices: cellular headsets, compact headsets, headsets having noise cancellation features or perhaps own audio phones. The technology that made these inventions possible was all developed by Plantronics.

The mark of a Plantronics headset is its efficiency in style designed to offer better communications. This implies sleek, uncomplicated-looking devices that are easy to use and jam-packed with the suitable functions to enable you to converse properly. The product philosophy of Plantronics is to picture the human form as canvas and as motivation. One particular clear proof of this is that headsets of this label are usually comfortable to use after long-term and daily use.

In case you’re thinking about buying Plantronics headphones to your personal use or maybe as devices in your company, it’s strongly recommended that you obtain your transactions from a reputable web-based retail store. Internet-based shops usually have a wider supply than their physical competitors; that’s mainly as a result of the strong connections they have with the leading manufacturers and global suppliers. This relationship also allows online retailers to provide items at significantly lower prices. Also, their minimal overhead costs (basically no rent payments and utility bills for storefront space, much less store personnel) make it easy for them to pass on the benefits to their customers.

Never assume all internet retailers supplying Plantronics headsets are the same, though. You still have to scout for the most trusted retail store that could offer you low prices, efficient delivery, and also a safe and satisfying buying experience. It’s also essential to ensure that the shop you choose sells only 100% genuine headsets that come with a brand’s guarantee-be aware of poor-quality imported goods and very low cost knock-offs that are provided by unscrupulous internet based dealers.

Headphones are not only a piece of audio equipment-they’re basically your links to improving your interactions along with the rest of the wired world. Pick the best Plantronics headset unit for your needs with the help of a trustworthy audio accessory retail store today.

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What are the benefits of an gaming earphones?

Cant get over how economical the headphone is now, a tremendous deal for any top-end product!

Hi and welcome to a modern group of replies to the earphones inquiries. Ever desired to learn about something headset, earpiece or headset related? Now’s your opportunity. Due to the great amount of inquiries we’re so repeatedly asked, you’ll find we’ve reached into our mailbox and chosen the 9 most pertinent (and most frequently submitted) questions. Enjoy.
Oh, by the way, in case your query is not below, then merely dispatch us an communication and check back in a few… you might find it featured in the later series. Thanks.

You mean, besides the fact that when you dont have 1 then nobody can pay attention to what you are crossly calling them?

Joking aside, this is a matter we get rather a great deal and, joking aside, printed above is the response we on the whole give (though its frequently scribbled in monkeys blood, in the back of an handkerchief awash in paint thinner and slightly on fire).

Maybe we are being too hasty. Possibly. You see, using a gaming headphone, you are able to chat directly to everyone you come across in existence over on the battlefields of cyberspace. You are able to co-ordinate your defence techniques, work together on battle policy or share your recipe for the ideal cupcakes once all of the disembowelling and death production is over. Otherwise, you are able to proliferate disinformation (i.e. let down your companions by messing up their cupcakes), mock your enemies and drive them into a blind rage that brings them to make errors at essential times. Whatever you want. Because the actor Troy McClure formerly said: have it your way, baby

Although your computer might have its individual built-in systems that allow you to do this, a superb quality gaming earphone will provide the player with sharper sound and clearer input, meaning that you simply dont concede your armies when your directive of attack the left flank! will become twisted into attack whats left of Frank! producing your army to purge itself of the hapless For the Frank and thus eradicate a complete platoon of otherwise loyal cannon fodder. Poor Frank. Fire at Will is an additional oft-used saying you will want to be careful of if your mate William is leading a wing.

When youre not so into joint gaming, then a headset can aid you to enjoy your game whilst all your family enjoys a film or your significant other settles down with a good book, ensuring that no-one gets distracted by anyone else. It also opens up a world of video calls and much better voice recordings, in the event youre into that.

Now, you dont need a gaming headset to enjoy games, nevertheless it certainly helps. If you prefer Internet games, either in collaboration or competition, a headphone is a way to bring those players into your dwelling. Its like sitting down and playing alongside your mates, except that rather than them being in your house and eating all your food, your mates are over on the other side of the world, apparently eating somebody elses food.

A top quality gaming headset will open up a whole new world of games and several games are now designed with the headphone in mind, which can put you at a disadvantage if you do not have one. So to sum up, a gaming headset is not an essential, but it is certainly very useful.