The Sony Ericsson W600 offers impressive sound quality

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The Sony Ericsson W600 offers impressive sound quality.

The audio quality is similar to what you’d get from a low-cost alarm clock radio. The carrier introduced the Sony Ericsson W600, flip phone that features a WalkMan Media Player with 256 MB of memory and a 1.3-megapixel camera The W600 handles multiple file formats including MP3 and AAC.
Using PC software from Sony Connect, downloaded songs and songs copied from CD’s can be transferred to the W600. 

The Sony Ericsson W600  is the second Walkman mobile phone. This unique, all-in-one device supports multiple music file formats, a 1.3 MegaPixel still and video camera with 4x digital zoom, mobile Java™ 3D gaming and an HTML browser. The W600 Walkman phone comes packaged with Disc2Phone  PC software for quick and convenient music transfer, as well as supporting Bluetooth, Infrared and USB system connectivity.

Storage capacity is plentiful with 256MB memory, storing between 80 and 120 songs depending on bit rate. Sony Ericsson 262k color, 176×220 pixel TFT display, with Java MIDP 2.0 support and Java 3D game engine with cutting edge graphics facilitate high-quality multimedia and entertainment.

Active is the cool and sporty option for the active flip Mobile user. Using elastics to retract the bottom and the top together, it results in a perfect fit when open as well as closed. Sony Ericsson W600 Headsets section contains both traditional wired headsets and the latest cutting edge wireless Bluetooth headsets.

Headsets are often referred to as “Hands-Free” kits
The Sony Ericsson W600 cell phone was designed with MP3 playback. We were equally impressed with the call quality of the speakerphone. Please Purchase Online website Impressive of the world: Sony Ericsson W600


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